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The best care out there for all of your pets!

Lilly Pad Pet Sitting, the best care out there for all of your pets.

Lilly Pad Pet Sitting is a licensed and insured business, owned and operated by Jackie Winright.  Jackie lives in New Port Richey, Florida with her daughter, Lilly, and their three, rescued pets: Bandit, an abandoned cat, Dash another cat who was rescued as a kitten, from certain death off of a busy street in Tampa, and Montana, an Australian Cattle Dog who was a client of Jackie's for years and had developed health issues the owners didn't have the resources to treat.  Also, mustn't forget Julian, the Hermit Crab!  Always an avid horse woman, Jackie also leases an Appendix gelding and values the time she gets to spend with him very much!  Jackie also volunteers at Equestrian, Inc, an of the track Thoroughbred rescue in Tampa.  Needless to say, Jackie is a true animal lover and always has been.  This love is what began her career as a veterinary nurse in 1993.  She started pet sitting as well, in 1997.  Throughout this time she has also rescued many animals who would otherwise have had a very uncertain fate if they hadn't come across Jackie.  

Lilly Pad Pet Sitting offers fully customized care for most pets, from horses, goats, dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, and most exotics and birds. Jackie's most important goal is to provide the same quality of care for your pet as they receive from their owner.  One of the things she loves most about her business is that it provides the owner with peace of mind so that they can fully enjoy their vacation, or concentrate on their work day, without worrying about the well-being of their pet.

Jackie's combination of loving care for animals, and many years of experience as a veterinary nurse and pet sitter make her services shine above the rest when it comes to the level of care your pet will receive when in her care.  Lilly Pad Pet Sitting is a member of Professional United Pet Sitters and  Pet Sitters Associates

In addition to pet sitting, Jackie also offers pet waste removal from your yard, and transport to/from veterinarians and groomers.  The pet waste removal is included in any pet sitting visit, but is also available on specified visits if you are not in need of pet care at the time.

Please feel free to contact Jackie, at Lilly Pad Pet Sitting, with any questions you may have.

Our phone number is:  (727) 255-9432.  Call or text.  All messages will be returned within 24 hours.

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