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Information About Our Services.

Whether it's vacation care you need, or just a mid-day dog walk, Jackie will schedule a free, initial visit with you and your pet(s).  During this visit you can introduce your pet(s) to Jackie, show her where all important items are and show her any special procedures you prefer while she is caring for your pet.  You may also provide a key to your home for Jackie at this time.  She will also have you fill out some paperwork with general information about your pet, their veterinarian, and your home (i.e. cleaning supplies, trash bags, lights, etc.)

Once the initial visit is out of the way, you may call Jackie anytime to have her care for your pets.  It can be short notice or months in advance, she will make every effort to accomodate you and make your experience as stress free as possible.  Some clients choose to leave their house key with Jackie, which sometimes comes in handy if you have an emergency and can't get home to take care of your pets, or if you lock yourself out of the house as well.  There is a $5.00 charge for key pick up and return after the initial visit.  

Lilly Pad Pet Sitting is available to residents of New Port Richey, Trinity, Tarpon Springs, Port Richey, Odessa, Holiday and other nearby areas.